Day Breaking

Day breaking during a morning walk,

     Wandering thoughts nudge me towards the islands—

Morning breezes, bringing hints of my own nearby sea

     Enveloping , embracing , carrying me away.

Healing winds setting me gently on white sands;

     A great bay opening before me, calm seas—

Sea grape trees rustling in the caressing breezes;

    Coconut trees rattling softly high overhead—

Whispering waves of crystal waters beckoning me,

    Promising refreshing, cleansing and renewal—

Hot sand massaging tired feet as I’m stepping out

     Moving slowly toward the sea—

Standing now at the edge of wholeness and youth, cool waters rushing to meet me—

     Opening my eyes to my own reality…

          Waiting for the winds to transport me again…

                to my island paradise.

                                                 Jon ~ July 2012


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