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A Chapter Comes to a Close…

The days of our living in Monterrey are coming to a close.  Another chapter comes to an end.  When I look back at my life, I can see those major chapters…even some I barely lived…: Birth – 4-yrs-old…in south Alabama Guyana (1969-1973) Wake Forest, NC (1973-1975) Grenada 1975-1979 Rome, GA (1979-1980) Grenada (1980-1982) US High School…Dad’s death (1982-1984) College (1984-1988) The “In-Between” Time (June-December 1988) Louisville—grad school, Jeanne, marriage (1989-1990) Truett-McConnell (1990-1994) Methodism, Pastoring, Candler (1993-1997) McAllen, TX and STCC – Pt.1! – (Aug.1997- Dec.1998) Michigan Interlude – Spring Arbor, Holly Bike and Hike (1999) Back to the Church…Erskine…Chicopee and Blairsville (2000-2005) Venezuela (2005-2008) México (2008-2011)…and this is the chapter that now comes to a close.  Life here has been a wonderful journey, with ups and downs, with its fair share of good times and bad.  All in all, Monterrey, Mexico, has been a great time—a time