The Best Foods We Can Eat!

I don’t fear growing old.  In fact, I don’t even mind growing old.  It seems to be the way of things:  we’re born, we grow, we die.  However, what I do fear and hope to avoid is growing old…badly.  That is, I want to keep my health.  I try to exercise (I’ll write on that later!)…and I try to eat well.  I strive to eat foods that are high in fiber, high in antioxidants, low in bad fats. 

So, here’s my latest list of good eating.  May we all make these foods our primary foods…and may we live long and live well.

The Foods:

Veggies: bell peppers, carrots, spinach/kale, broccoli, asparagus, bok choy (Chinese cabbage), leeks and cauliflower; onions, ginger and garlic - in everything! Potatoes (french fries don't count!) and sweet potatoes....

Fresh Fruit: tomatoes, bananas, berries (blue, black and rasp!), apples, grapes (red!), avocados, cantaloupe, papaya, red grapefruit, oranges, lemons/limes (how easy is a glass of lemonade??)

Dried Fruit: apricots, raisins, figs

Legumes-- peanuts...and beans, garbanzos, peas, lentils...and the darker the bean the better!

Cold water, ocean salmon - can't get enough!

Yogurt, skim milk and soy - anything soy

Whole grains - oats, wheat, rice, quinoa

Dark chocolate - not a meal of it, mind you.

Walnuts - a few servings a week


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