Not Such a Great Start…

So, I’m not off to such a great start on this blog thing.  I guess I can trump it up to my work schedule of late.  Between my administrative work and two teaching jobs, I’ve not found a lot of energy for writing in the evenings.  So, it may be that I’ll have to wait until these quiet, no-work Fridays to get some writing in.  If that is the case, so be it!

Well, if nothing else, I can recount for posterity’s sake the work before me today—get my new “Philosophy of Education” course ready to go; get my lecture notes together for “Contemporary Theology” and “History and Practice of Christian Worship”; and, make sure I know where I want to go with “English Grammar” and “Oral and Written Communication.”  I guess those will keep me occupied for a little while!

On to the day.  I have my cup of coffee (cappuccino) here with me…and I’m ready to dive in.  Andale!


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