Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Thoughts on Living...

Back in April 2009, I was enjoying my morning walk around "la cancha de futbol" near our home in Santa Catarina, and the following thoughts began to come to me.  I had been thinking about how to avoid the mis-steps and stumbles of days, weeks, months and years past.  As I contemplated why I had made mistakes in the past, what I had been thinking...and NOT thinking, these 'guiding points' began to come to me.  While I've not been entirely faithful to them, I do return to them again and again...and when I have been faithful, I have been able to avoid a lot of pain, wasted energy, emotional/spiritual 'skinned knees'...and I've been able to make good decisions with positive results--even though others knew nothing of it.  Here goes:

  • A life of love is the most important thing
  • Live today - in today, for today
  • Do not make quick decisions
  • Only act rashly in love (agape)
  • Take a walk...and talk with the Lord
  • Big plans often grow from big egos
  • An idea to be flouted is probably an idea to be avoided
  • Strive for simplicity - of form, of action, of thought
  • God works through the small, everyday, ordinary
  • Live with levity - don't take it all too seriously

Perhaps someone else on the road of life can use these to help life slow down and to make better decisions....

September 2012